A shite tea and a whole load of tears…


Last night I cooked a shit tea of epic proportions, it was absolutely pants – Sausage bake I think not, I’m sure even Felix wouldn’t serve it to cats.

As with every other day I followed the recipe and added my own tweaks (like most things on Slimming World require unless you have the taste buds of an 80 year old smoker) but this one would get a clear U in home economics. So much so it got thrown in the bin and I ended up cooking 3 separate tea’s instead, Yipee!

Those sorts of stressful kitchen experiences are usually the domino effect to my evening and today was no different…

Crying it out’

I have always really struggled with this technique but found it to be the most successful with Indi. Unfortunately after allowing our little Princess to run riot at bedtime the last few days she now believes bedtime doesn’t apply to her. Im not sure who wants to cry louder or the longest myself or her. Me because I’m going against every natural instinct to care for her, but also because I’m totally wounded my evening is on the cusp of being stolen once more!

I have always struggled with anxiety especially as a child, bedtime was a very tiresome time for my poor Moam (Mum!) as she had to sit on the end of my bed each night. To be quite frank going to let me watch Jurassic Park at the age of 5/6 wasn’t the smartest move, therefore you kinda have yourself to blame (sorry) Part of this feeling still remains with me, and I believe that is why I have been softer on her when it comes to goodnight.

Last night is no different, luckily I had Adam here for moral support and a Cuppa. There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea to right the wrongs in your day. x


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