The Danger Sleep…





I shall refer to yesterday as ‘Danger Sleep’ because that is exactly what it was. For those who know me well, will understand that my daughter India has been allergic to sleep from 4 months. I was one of those who read the books, Tracy Hogg EASY routine was going to be my saviour and I the super mum. All went perfectly until she starting teething – that is another post in itself! Since then we have been through the motions, every trick of the trade but our spirited little madam has  fought back at them all..

Back to yesterday, for a one off rare occasion Indi slept through in her own bed (Bloody get in!) 6.20am I hear the foghorn “Mammmmaaaaaaa!!” And this was where epic parenting fail 101 began. After a bottle of milk, we both fell blissfully back to sleep in my bed. We would be rudely awoken by the bastard cat scratching on the door – anyone would think I had smuggled 10 kilos of Catnip under the bed. To my shock horror I realised the time, 8.45am. For those with children (or immature husbands) they will realise this is virtually the middle of the day.

This was to be the beginning of the end- routine all thrown out, a late afternoon nap (I just couldn’t help myself the Peace is like gold dust) and one energetic child who had ran around the garden all afternoon but was still on it like a kid on blue smarties.

Fast forward to 7pm, following a relaxing bath time, bedtime comes and goes, and goes, and goes again. Three times I’m in that room reading books! I fall for her charms and hey presto she’s back in my bed watching Peppa Pig (I really hate that Pig) I finally pack her off to bed for the final time. This is it I feel, down I go to watch the Walking Dead and have 10syns worth of Rice  Crispy cakes and before I sit down – I hear my name again, just in that moment I look around the room hoping anyone can be Momma but me!!

This time there is no settling her, and before you know it my house is shut up and we are in my bed lying in pitch black. It’s 9.30pm and the little git has put me to bed.  It was this moment that encouraged me to start a blog. The moment where I had no TV or lights but just my phone and the overwhelming need to rant, not to my poor Mum & Sister for once but hopefully to like minded people who they themselves vowed they would never parent like this. Instead are so fed up at times they resort to any means to get their kids to sleep.  It was fair to say I woke up in a wet patch- she had pissed out the side of her nappy and we were both wet – Happy Humpday People x

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