7 minutes of #shoegate…


Friday is the earliest get up of the week, it’s just absolutely painful on all levels! Im at work and Indi goes to nursery so it’s all systems go.

This morning was the ultimate challenge as I was a one man band. The darling hubby darted off to work within 15 minutes of getting up. Lucky git gets up, tends to himself then swerves out. Didn’t even make me a bastard brew!

Meanwhile I am comforting a 22 month old who is not happy because “it’s too bright” the TV hurts her eyes, the dawn breaking hurts her eyes. She just shouts NO at everything. I find myself scrolling through TV shows frantically trying to find something for her to watch but each one gets a furious reaction. I’ve now lost 10 + minutes of precious time, instead of getting readyΒ I’m acting like Mariah Carey’s personal assistant. “Would you like anymore Bot Bot Mam”

Nursery Friday should be the easiest get ready of the week as you just chuck a load of crap on them. Unlike every other day where she needs to be ready to compete with the best Insta’ Kids. Today the ironing pile could of buried the poor cat alive. After ending up elbows deep in pants and socks the poor girl gets packed off to nursery in a cheap version of double denim, luckily she has serious swag and can rock anything!

Final straw, her bloody nursery shoes don’t fit. How in one week and on my watch are her shoes now too small. I’ve always hated the ugly things that light up when she walks. So now I’veΒ been up and down looking for replacements for 7 minutes trying them on. I’m late now, I’ve shoved some cons on Indi and my sister (who is taking me to take Indi to nursery) is sat on my drive- in her dressing gown and Pj’s may I add. Oh to have just got up 5 minutes before!

How is it possible so much can happen before 7.30am some days!I already felt like I had done an 8 hour shift before I had even started! Off to work I went for my first shite no brand cuppa of the day and here I am now not drinking wine because of the diet 😦 x

The big question is how do you do it with 2?!…. X

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