Grandad driving and broken legs…


My day started with an April Fool, unfortunately for me I wasn’t doing the fooling. The human alarm clock had already kindly woke us up at 6.40am, and now my sister had rang me pretending Craig (better known as CP’s her husband) had fallen down the stairs and she could see a bone popping out his leg.

To say I ran down the stairs to tell Adam was an understatement, I don’t enjoy exercise at the best of times let alone at 7.45am. They had got me, proper got me. You know what they say happens to the boy who cries wolf!!

Day Trippin’

Today we were going to be flexing our Merlin annual passes for the first time. Off to Legoland Discovery Centre & Sealife Manchester we went, full of promise.

Note to self do not trust Hannah with directions again, from Derby to the Trafford centre should be pretty straight forward to most. But no no 2 hours in and we realise little miss business woman in the back had spent more time chatting on Whatsapp, selling candles and eating and we are near Warrington. 21A is NOT the correct junction, not even close.

By this point the kids had had enough, India had pulled all her hair out and resembled Stig of the dump. Lewis was on the edge of a mental breakdown for the fear of being lost and not being with the precious Lego. And Hannah was just laughing.

I had kept my cool up until this point, virtually hand feeding everyone McDonalds breakfast that I didn’t touch, but the long journey combined with Craig driving like an 70 year old man afraid over going over 50mph topped it all off, he blamed it on a ‘bad cough’

We made it to Sealife only to discover a huge FISHING convention was taking place next door and men desperate for tackle from all over the country had stolen every car parking space. I mean for god sake, one transit van had set up base camp like he was on a jolly jape. We ditched the car in the pouring rain in the middle of a walkway , a lot later than we planned on arriving and finally managed to get on with our day.. Which actually was a remarkable success for saying how the rest panned out!

Here’s a fav pic of mine to summarise the drive from Warrington to Manchestee, trapped with my broken window and moaning kids…X


Squad down

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