For the love of gravy..


An unexpected baby free day, Indi was in nursery for her last ever day (She’s starting a new nursery this week eek!) I decided to make best use of my time and get shit done. Every day I make a to-do list and today was no exception. I got all those niggly things done that are annoying i.e book a smear, make a dentist appointment, ring the bank (blah) really happy I’ve racked up the phone bill on that crap.

It was also the day of my next driving lesson. I shall one day go further in to myself on the road, for the moment I’m just glad I made it round safely and poor Jane my driving instructor doesn’t have whiplash. Note to self “stop speeding, slow down, you are not Lewis Hamilton”

Get me off the gravy train

I got in from my lesson to what I can describe as utter bedlam. Adam running from the hall to the living room, a crying India in his arms “I’m trying to do an online shop, she’s poo’d twice and I need to get dinner done!!” It was like looking at a vision of myself on a normal day only definitely more hairy and far more stressed. My wild driving lesson felt like a spa day in comparison.

We get things under control, regain some order in the house and dinner is coming along nicely. Final stages the fancy brocolli is in, the meat is out and the realisation suddenly dawns on us. “We’ve ran out of bloody gravy” queue meltdown. It’s too late for the shop, we’ve got some shite stock pots or then there was Gaz our neighbour, question was who is knocking on Gaz’s door for someΒ granuals. The gravy debate, by this point we aren’t talking, the posh brocolli looks like snot and the gravy I tried to fashion together looks like bum piss.

I storm next door, leave the baby crying my name at the door. I swear people could hear her crying at the bus stop even with the door shut. In my slippers I march down the drive, and what do you know they aren’t in. Typical, where’s a tub of Bisto when you need it. I had gone there to prove a point and coming back empty handed really pissed me off.

We faced the inevitable, a dry chicken dinner was our fate, eaten in silence and disappointment. Quote Ads “well I never thought I would eat a Sunday dinner without gravy” Quote me “Well I never thought I’d eat a Sunday dinner with mayonnaise”

Desperate times call for desperate measures people! but for every cloud there is a silver lining, dinner theatre was fun;


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