If you go down to the woods today.. Make sure it’s Center Parcs


What can I say about this beloved place I have visited for over 20 years. Some of my earliest childhood memories were created here and I am fortunate enough to make more with my own daughter now.

If you are thinking of going .. you must! This place is geared up for family’s with something to cater for everyone. The feeling of waking up in the forest, especially like us if you have your own sauna is magical (just be prepared to be woken up by a bird or two, or in my case my foghorn toddler) The accommodation types vary from standard lodges all the way up to Treehouse’s (well posh) and they vary in locations around the forest. We opt for an executive villa as you get a few extras; sauna, maid service, ensuite bathrooms, wine fridge which is always full, though standards are very high in all.

There are a serious number of activities to do, the possibilities are endless. For a full list check out the website, if you are the out-doorsy type you are in heaven.

They offer numerous outdoor parks, softplay and restaurants, the beach with water sports, the Subtropical swimming paradise with the best outdoor rapids (a night swim is an absolute must!) just prepare to get a scabby toe or two in your face though! I can also recommend booking a Cabana, prices vary depending on the day but does mean you get your own private space, comfy seating, drinks and TV. Pre-warning when you get kicked out and it’s back to sitting on the edge of the pool you will feel pretty shit about it!

At the Jardin De Sports we normally get competitive in a game of Badminton followed by a game of pool in the Sports Bar (I tend to sit and watch or drink wine) The sports bar is great for watching live sports or a game of bowling.

If that isn’t enough take a cycle to the Foresters country pub for a wine or hot chocolate (absolutely always wine for me I’m on holiday) they also do a great Sunday roast.

If you do book a trip , make sure you go for breakfast at the Pancake house and pop in treats for some homemade fudge πŸ’— You won’t regret it!

A family tradition I hope will always go on, we have already booked to return for my 30th next year. Though their winter wonderland is meant to be incredible, visit Santa & the Reindeer, the whole village lit up – yes please, now to convince the Hubby…. X

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