Driving me round the bend, literally …


What is it about driving lessons that make you literally lose your shit. I consider myself an intelligent woman, I tend to learn things pretty quickly yet here I am months (ermΒ years) later and I am still a menace on the streets of Derby.

A bit of background, my first instructor was a stereotypical Pervy guy. I was 30+ weeks pregnant and already a hormonal yo-yo (Think after watching my sisters keeper emotional wreck to mega bitch Cersei Lannister) he preferred to look at me rather than the road, it’s fair to say after a few lessons I bid my middle finger farewell and on I moved. I feel sorry for any woman who has to endure even an hour with a driving instructor who doesn’t respect their boundaries.

For some reason when I get behind a wheel it’s like I have dropped a bomb of speed and everything has to be done there, then and very quickly. I drive too fast, react too slow and occasionally like to drop from 3rd to 1st gear nearly parking a Peugeot up my ass, the gear stick is NOT my friend.

I have to hope that there will soon be a resolution for me and I can pass my test. I have a toddler I’m stuck indoors with, a family I own a shed load of lifts too… (Not looking forward to that bit) and a husband who is sick of being my personal chauffeur. I would like to get their nagging off my back for good! (FYI family you know who you are, piss off and leave me alone!)

Maybe this style of driving would suit me better…? X


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