A not so Handy Andy…


Well this weekend has been epic, I’m still a little delicate from last nights wine, definitely a bit burnt, and 100% off my diet but it was totally worth it.

Some key highlights from today..

Waking up feeling sick as a dog, knowing I had to be out and about at 8.30am to watch CP’s run the 10k. At the time getting up feeling rough as old boots to watch people run was devastating.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed myself, the sun was shining, people were dancing to Zumba way out of tune, the kids got free crap and hit eachother with balloons. I mostly loved paying Β£2 for India to bounce on the edge of the bouncy castle for 1 minute before she had enough, walked off and decided she wanted to go on something else. Vintage kids.

A huge well done to my bro CP’s for finishing in 1 hour 1 minute after being in retirement. I’ve got to say your training plan of a full rack of ribs, salted caramel sauce, a jog to Kims kitchen Chinese and full fat Coke has really inspired me. I’m glad your nutritious breakfast of a chocolate brunch bar saw you through.

The rest of our day consisted of trying and failing to blow up the paddling pool. In the end we settled on slightly flaccid but not likely to cause injury.

The occasional child meltdown kept the mood in check, even with the sun shining and everything at their feet it’s still not enough! I won and lost at table football, the victory dance went to my head and I never fully recovered.

My absolute HIGHLIGHT was watching CP’s spend an entire 1.5 hours of his life trying to assemble the BBQ. It was like he had been sent a parcel from NASA with no instructions.

It’s a good job they supplied snacks as by the time the meat was ready was a whole 2 hours later. Thank you again for being the main focus of my entertainment today, you really have excelled in all areas.. X

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