When the Terrible 2’s are actually … Terrible



Is the only way to describe today, it has been me vs the Gremlin since she first opened them tiny peepers this morning.

Pick your battles they say, today I lost a war. I have witnessed epic meltdowns beyond compare, a sea of tears and snot on my sofa and leg because I didn’t put Trolls on, let her eat whatever she wanted, climb on the furniture like a wild monkey. These are to name but a tiny few.

Food has been thrown at me, the naughty step had failed me, twice she has made me watch Monsters Inc and Despicable Me (we already watch these same films once a bastard day as it is) at what point do they think it is cool to point at you and say no?

Why do they steal your lunch like some hungry Gannet? Why do they empty their drinks on the floor re-creating Niagra falls on my cream carpet?

It’s fair to say I ran out of the door on my driving lesson, never have I been so happy to escape.

I am glad we were able to end our miserable day with a lovely bath and some cuddles. Even if this did mean sharing the bath with an army of toys and a bit of piss.

Me and my little warrior have a very special relationship, I am fortunate I get to spend so much time with her even though we often have days like today. I just remind myself we are best friends of the future, Love you my little Peach


Tomorrow we are off to Warwick Castle, hopefully we will be back to big smiles all round xx

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