Adventures at Warwick Castle..


It was another Merlin pass day today, we were off to try something new and Warwick Castle was the choice. Poor Hubby was at work again, though we did have a flying visit to collect the pushchair thanks for kidnapping it.  To our family this pushchair is known as the Warhorse and to be without it is not an option.

I have to say how surprised we were at what a good day we had. There was a surprising amount of things to do and lots for the kids. Even India loved running around the old Castle rooms and climbing down in to the old Gaol. They have numerous outdoor shows which run daily  including Horrible Historys, a Maze, playground and guided tours.

We opted to take a packed lunch like typical Brits. I made mine at home, a shitty slimming word salad for me, Indi’s snack box of goodies looked far more appealing. Han & CP’s were far less organised and opted for the usual last minute sandwich dash around Tesco picking up half the Easter chocolate aisle in their path. Once again I missed out on treats and ice cream, I’ve had it shoved in my face at all times. I have to say how utterly useless my preparation had been, she took one look at what I offered and instead opted to scoff donuts with her Aunty… (I’m rolling my eyes here)

There were the usual meltdowns, today’s highlight is because I wouldn’t let her swim in a fountain..


But why won’t she let me swim in it…

I have to say I really recommend for a different family day out, but look online for vouchers or discount as it will work out expensive. Also if you want to go in the Dundgeons these are an additional £9 and not suitable for under 10’s (Thank god half my squad were too young)


I promise we didn’t lose them

Final note, just be careful who you travel in a car with, on the way home there definitely were some backseat driver moments! X

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