Budapest.. Stags on Tour


It’s been a week since I wrote my last blog and much has happened since then!  My excuse for the last few days is because I’m utterly broken and bruised. My Easter weekend was spent causing utter carnage with 27 ‘Stags’ in Budapest. The days before that were spent crying in to my suitcase packing and re-packing because my outfit choices weren’t cool enough… or the 11 pairs of shoes I wanted to take wouldn’t fit in.


Didn’t go so well, why did I pack atleast 10 pairs of pants for 1 weekend like I planned on having atleast 2 accidents a day?! Why does it give you absolute heart failure the thought of walking through airport security with your liquids, like you have tried to smuggle a load of Cocaine in your L’Oreal foundation. I was glad to finally zip up my case for the last time, cross the final item off my list and slap a final layer of tan on.

All aboard the Gilbert bus..

I have to say what an absolute top team I  was away with, and have had some incredible laughs. We spent 4 days on the Central Passage, eating too many kebabs and burgers (not myself I just mainly puked) We took over a tour bus and boat and saw some of the sights, danced to the Spice Girls and drank many many Tequila & Pineapples (I luckily dodged Jess’ puke as it hit a wall)

A few personal highlights:

  • Our stag Gilbert, what an absolute legend. Thanks for being the teacher you are and leading the way mullet blowing in the breeze and a flaccid Connor in hand
  • Being covered in Coca Cola twice, one can exploding on my back and again falling through a door, then swimming in it like sea creatures with Silky Pete Lois on the floor
  • The Szechenyi Spa, an absolute must visit if your in Budapest. The outdoor Thermal Spa was one to remember, just maybe queue for a towel unlike us who ran around half naked drinking very salty Margharitas (was basically a cup of sea water with a splash of booze) nearly falling down the steps absolutely hammered was a likely occurrence
  • The people, a huge shout out Carl, Clo & Simmo for letting me sleep in your bed twice, both occasions being locked out. Also thank you for flying my toiletries out with you and home, I will collect those essentials at some point I’m sure…
  • All the girls in my apartment, what legends you are (and everyone for that matter)

Coming home was hard..

Having a hangover on a plane is worst at the best of times, but when you are sweating buckets and have someone walk in on you throwing up you know it’s bad. I was shaking like a shiting dog, my phone was dead and my head was virtually between my knees when the drinks trolley came past. I don’t think I’ve ever got off a plane / exited an airport so quickly.

My advice would be if you visit Budapest in a large group of girls have your wits about you, the locals can come across unfriendly and intimidating especially if you break a glass! Hold your own and enjoy yourself regardless!

Until next time … (When I regain control of my feet and legs) x




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