The coming home party…


The last post I wrote was on my weekend in Budapest, but I didn’t touch on the aftermath of when I get home.

I had fast paced out of the airport at speed, still traumatised from the hangover flight from hell and almost knocking my sister over. I made it 5 feet out the door before the real truth of what happened started creeping out. A 4 day hangover with a toddler is a horrific thought at the best of times without the unknown of what I would be told.

She had been poorly, walk in centre jobby refusing to eat, play the lot. She had spent 3 days on and off crying, Adam had to take the day off work as she sat crying in the corner of a room (I’ll kiss bye bye to my birthday week in Jamaica then waaa)

The night I got home she slept next to me like a hot radiator and snaked herself around my arm. Now picture it I’m so hungover there are faces coming out of the ceiling and figures in the curtains and I’m sharing a bed with 2 people one of which is now my Siamese twin. Back to reality with a bang,

Some things I have had to contend with this week:

  • An hour wait in a doctors surgery at 8.30am, the day after coming home. Not a drink or breakfast in sight- I’m twitching like I’m at an AA meeting surrounded by the sick and a hungry child
  • The cat getting a bag stuck around its head, literally chasing her around swearing whilst she drags Indi’s new trainers around my house
  • India taking my passport to bed, apparently that’s me done for life then (oh and my bed where she now lives of course)
  • The neighbours disputing the colour of the fence, it’s a fence.
  • 10 thousand piles of washing, a shit tip house, still not unpacked my bag
  • Carrying India & 3 bags all the way back from nursery because she wouldn’t walk. She wiped chocolate and snot on me all the way home

It’s fair to say the week has been hard. The best of it is Adam is away on his weekend with the lads (jammy git) I’m already pining to be hungover drinking cans of 40p beer at 9am with Lois in her Β£3.99 George Bra.

However… I do get to spend a lovely weekend with my little lady reminding her that I’m not going anywhere πŸ™‚ and I shall mostly get through it with bribes and cuddles x

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