Bargain Hunt at 9am..


Don’t you just absolutely love a bargain?! I had forgotten how good TK Max can be…

Today we were up and out of the house by 9am, Adam wanted to buy India a bouncy castle for her birthday and I was trying to convince otherwise. It’s just another large item to take space in the garage, the kids will always want it out when Ads was at work and it would be left to muggings here to set the bastard thing up, no thank you. Our garden already looks like some sort of nursery or play center without adding a castle, I’ll soon be charging an entry fee to the people of Alvaston.

We did however stumble across a little beauty in TK Max for our front room. At the magical price of £22.00 we now have a  very jazzy armchair for India to replace the rocking chair that had no relevance. Granted it needs a new zip on the cushion but from £70 – £22 I am a very happy lady. The material is great quality and it’s a very sturdy (hopefully she won’t decide to jump off it)


It had been home an hour before India sporting her new Peppa Pig pants had wee’d on it. How long before the cat batters the shit out of it too?


Now to convince hubs to buy me the blush chair for my dressing table….. (It would look really, really, really good and you know it) X

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