An unexpected day on the farm..


To celebrate our little Indi’s birthday on Sunday, we were taking her and Darcey our niece to CBeebies land at Alton Towers. We had looked forward to this for weeks and spent about 5 years getting ready this morning.

The last few days all we have done is tell India about the characters she was going to see, she couldn’t wait to ‘play’ …

Well we didn’t bloody play did we because Alton Towers was fucking shut. I drop the F bomb because I was so mad after driving there with 2 under 2 to find out it was closed I cannot explain. We were gutted, an empty car park and a few other sorry ass familysΒ who had made the same mistake as us. Who knew one of the biggest theme parks in the UK closed on a random Wednesday every week. Well didn’t we feel like idiots.

By this point Darcey is awake, Indi has pulled her hair out and is shouting PLAY at us. What the hell were we going to do now? Panic stations struck. I wanted to cry, the kids we’re going to cry, all our hopes relied on Adam keeping his shit together. We only had 1 pushchair as planned on hiring a double buggy so options were limited! We bailed out of there as quickly as possible and contemplated how we would fix this.

Ads saves us with suggesting the Adventure farm, it’s en-route home and as we would of now been in the car 1.5 hours it was all systems go. The car was a scene of a quaver massacre, the kids are restless, I’m annoyed, the weathers gone shit. I question why I even got out of bed this morning.

We arrive on a cold and windy farm, I had a smacked arse face but thankfully the girls love it. Indi makes a friend in softplay who decides to keep randomly hugging my legs, I’m dragging her around like an unwanted abscess but her family don’t seem to mind.

I would highly recommend a visit to the farm, it is very reasonably priced with under 2’s free and we paid around Β£9 per adult.

There is a decent few bits to do; A large soft play area inside hosts areas for big and little ones with some great slides, a place for food and a gift shop. The majority to do is outside so would recommend a visit on a warmer day than us! There are various play areas, sandpits, bouncy castles and giant bouncy pillows (which are great for adults but not your pelvic floor) they also offer a program of events during the day such as feeding the lambs, holding the rabbits, and then a few little rides on the tractors etc.

By 3pm I was absolutely knackered, squeezing my fat ass through soft play, being eaten by a goat, freezing my tits off and wiping 3,000 snotty noses had taken its toll. I need a cuppa and 5 minutes time out.

Luckily Indi was treated to a trip to CBeebies land today and we hope to try again at the end of the month, hopefully this time they will let us in!! X

Adventure Farm Link

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