A Birthday to Remember ..


It was a milestone weekend for us, our little Indi turned 2 and boy did we celebrate it. Between our two familys we drank bargain booze dry, I’m sure we need to hire a skip to deposit the bottles in, (Bin QuiQui is overflowing, family joke eh Ads)

The 2 hour tidy up this morning was hard work, especially scrubbing nacho stains out of the carpet! 😰 Hannah & Hayley had thumb wars over those crisps last night, they practically set up camp infront of them. Luckily Adam is a hardcore cleaner, I swear he was secretly excited to steam clean those floors this morning.

Well I had been looking forward to this weekend for weeks, any excuse to plan an event and I’m there with bells on. I knew all the family would be coming together and thank our lucky stars the weather was set to be a beaut! It actually couldn’t have gone any better, and watching my girly have an amazing time with all her best people was the icing on the cake (she did make us sing Happy Birthday 4 times, loves being the center of attention)

I have had mixed emotions the last weekend, looking back at pics and videos of when she was born has turned me in to a soppy git, thinking of how fast they grow up! Can we just pause and appreciate them for a minute? They change so much week on week it’s hard to remember the tiny days. Just looking at these pics makes my ovaries twitch…

I feel extremely proud of the bright and hilarious character she has become. Every day she makes me belly laugh, her obsession with wearing sunglasses inside is my favourite to date, her love of dancing is growing and her speech is coming on leaps. I wish she wouldn’t make me watch bloody Minions everyday, those little yellow gits are getting right on my nerves. She also favours the words “NO, MINE and OFF” a bit too much.

This years party theme was of course Peppa, though me being me has to go to town. Thank you to my sister for doing all my balloon arrangements as ever, and everyone else who chipped in! All balloons and decorations sourced from EBay, Pom poms were handmade;

Today I have weekend blues, my mum & John have gone home, someone has definitely stolen my charger (standard) Now to have a week of R&R and join Alcoholics Anonymous, my kidneys are shot and I could definitely finish that bottle in the fridge x

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